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MySQL Joins

MySQL Joins

MySQL Joins is used to get results from two or more tables and combine them in a single result sets most common type of join is inner join.

Syntax of INNER JOIN

SELECT columnList from table1 [INNER] JOIN table2 ON 
joinCondition1 [INNER] JOIN table3 ON joinCondition2....

Example of INNER JOIN

SELECT student_name, physics_marks FROM student_info 
INNER JOIN student_marks ON student_info.student_name =

Code Explanation

  • In this example we combine two tables studen_info and student_marks using inner join.

  • In this we get student_name from studen_info table and physics_marks from student_marks table.

  • In this we get every row if student_name from studen_info is equal to name from student_name.

  • You must use tableName.columnName syntax in writting the conditions.

Join Tables from another Database


SELECT columnList from table1 [INNER] JOIN databasename.table2
ON joinCondition1 [INNER] JOIN table3 ON joinCondition2....

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