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Javascript Data Types

Javascript Data Types

Data Types is a very important part of any programming language.It decides the variable type like the variable is number, string, array, boolean etc.


In this datatype the variable is store any numeric value. All numbers in JavaScript are represented as floating-point values.

var a = 84983;

var b = 6783.343;

var c = 0.232;

var d = 4 x 102;


In this datatype the variable is store any character or group of character and the values is stored within quotes.

var a = " A ";

var b = " Apple ";

var c = " Hello JavaScript ";


In this datatype the variable is store eighter true or false.

var a = true;

var b = false;


In this datatype the variable is store one or more values all the values seperated with commas with quotes and arrays are written within square brackets.

var name = [ " Rahul " ];

var fruits = [ " Apple ", " Banana ", " Orange " ];

var info = [ " 21 ", " 23.50 ", " Physics " ];

Get variable type usinf typeof operator

You can get any variable type using typeof operator

var a = " Hello" ;
typeof a // it returns string

var b = 335 ;
typeof b // it returns number

var c = true ;
typeof c // it returns boolean

var d = [ " PHP ", " CSS ", " HTML " ] ;
typeof d // it returns array

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