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  • Simple And Best DropDown Menu With Pure CSS And HTML

    Apr 4 2017 6:25 PM


    In this tutorial we will teach you how to make a simple and best dropdown menu using CSS and HTML. You can also make dropdown from jquery and java script. ...

    Make Your Own Captcha System On User SignUp Using PHP And Ajax

    Apr 4 2017 6:25 PM


    Captcha is the best way to avoid spamming your SignUp, Comments, Email and many other things that takes user input. What is Captcha? It is a simple text combination of some uppercase and lowercase letters with some numbers generated randomly with some special kind of text type font. It is mainly used for Human Verification whether the user is human or any computer script. In this tutorial we will teach you how to make your own captcha system with the help of PHP and Ajax....

    Live Voting System Using Ajax And PHP

    Apr 4 2017 6:25 PM


    Live Voting System is nowadays a common way to get vote on particular thing. In this tutorial we will teach you how to make a simple and best live(without page refresh) voting system using Ajax and PHP....

    Check UserName And Email Availability From Database Using Ajax

    Apr 4 2017 6:25 PM


    Checking UserName and Email Address of the user on SignUp is good way to prevent duplicate content on database and several other problems.In this tutorial we will teach you how to check username and email address availability of the user from database. If the username and email already exist in database we show custom message and if not we will insert the info on database...

    Load Data From Database Without Page Refresh Using Ajax and jQuery

    Apr 4 2017 6:25 PM


    In this tutorial we will teach you how to load the data from database without page refresh and then display the data using Ajax and jQuery.You only need to download jQuery to get the data the form without page refresh...

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