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Create A Simple PageView Counter Using PHP and MySQL

Dec 15 2017 9:10 AM


Counting or Storing your website stats is a very important for every website owner it provides you the information of hows your website doing,how many visitor visiting your website etc.In this tutorial we will create PageViews counter system using PHP and MySQL...

Add Social Media Buttons To Your Website Or Blog

Dec 15 2017 9:10 AM

Social Media

Social Media is very important source to attract many visitors and gain popularity across many social networking sites so it is better to add social media buttons to your website that keeps the user to instantly share and like your content with ease.In this tutorial we will tell you how to add some Social Networking Sites Share or Like Buttons to your website or in your blog....

Basic Usage Of Mysqli With Prepared Statements For Beginners

Dec 15 2017 9:10 AM


MySQLi is an upgraded version of MySQL.The MySQLi Extension (MySQL Improved) is a relational database driver used in the PHP programming language to provide an interface with MySQL databases.You can use MySQLi with MySQL server versions 4.1.3 and newer.In MySQLi there is considerable increase in Speed and it is more Secure than MySQL almost preventing SQL injections....

Cool And Simple Vertical Accordian Menu Using jQuery CSS and HTML

Dec 15 2017 9:10 AM


Accordian menu is a great way to display content whenever there is less space in web page user can view all the content simply by clicking on heading tab.In this tutorial we will create a simple and cool Vertical Accordian Menu using jQuery,CSS and HTML....

Change The Design Of All Elements In A WebPage Using JavaScript And CSS

Dec 15 2017 9:10 AM


In this tutorial we will create a technique to change the design of all the elements in a webpage without page refresh using JavaScript and CSS...