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Display Loading Image While Page Loads

Jan 5 2018 10:10 PM


In this tutorial we will show you how to display loading image while page loads using jQuery and CSS.You can also do this with JavaScript alone but in that case there is no animation because javascript does not support animation...

File Upload Progress Bar Using jQuery And PHP

Jan 5 2018 10:10 PM


Progress Bar is used to display the progress of file upload process.Its very helpful and widely used in file upload process just to give user about progress of file upload.In this tutorial we will create file upload progress bar using jquery and php...

Content Slider Using jQuery And CSS

Jan 5 2018 10:10 PM


In this tutorial we will create a Content Slider Using jQuery and CSS without the help of any Slider Plugin and it is very easy and simple to code and use in your webpage.You can also create Image Slider using this process...

Price Range Slider Using jQuery,CSS and PHP

Jan 5 2018 10:10 PM


Price Range is a slider having price on it means instead of entering the price user can also slide the meter to the appropriate price range and submit the price.Price Range Slider is very common in modern websites they are mainly used in ecommerce websites to give easy user experiance.In this tutorial we will create a Price Range Meter Using jQuery,CSS and PHP...

Resize And Crop Image Using PHP And jQuery

Jan 5 2018 10:10 PM


Resize and Crop Images is very useful and important technique to save space and bandwidth and it also decrease page execution time and load your webpage much faster.Crop the image when you want to a particluar part of an image to display like only your face and sunset behind you etc.So both are very useful and important technique you can do with your images.In this tutorial we will Resize and Crop an Image Using PHP and jQuery...