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eHost Review - Best Web Hosting For Small Website

Friday, Dec 15, 2017

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eHost is one of the big player in the web hosting industry this company is started in 1998 and since then it host more than 1 million website and by the way that's a huge number.

eHost currently offer only shared hosting and basically if you start a new website or your website is not getting high traffic then the shared hosting is very suitable for you.

Everything that user wants while hosting there website is present in there plan whether it is the free domain name, website builder, templates, email address etc and apart from that you will get an additional features in there shared hosting plan. You may also like to read bluehost web hosting review.

eHost Review - Best Web Hosting For Small Website

eHost Products/Services Overview :-

Shared Web Hosting

eHost shared hosting plan is studded with lots of features and great tools like you get free domain name, free email address, 1000's of templates, excellent drag and drop builder etc.

These features are very common in every web hosting but some of the features like design suite where you get blog tools, photo galleries, online store, webmaster tools total worth of $100 totally free and marketing suite where you get $100 Yahoo / Bing Credit, site analysis software, website authentication seal, seo tools tips etc.

The features are the most exclusive features you will most probably not seen in any other web hosting service and the best thing is you get all these features and service in very competitive price.

Currently they offer only one plan for shared web hosting in which you get unmetered storage space, bandwidth and unlimited domains and MySQL databases and it values at $2.75/mo*

eHost Review - Best Web Hosting For Small Website

What's Good About eHost :-


eHost provides tons of good features in just $2.75/mo* which is slightly less as compared to other web hosting provider and there renewal fees is also good which makes eHost a good choice who are willing to start a new website.

Uptime And Speed

eHost uptime and speed is up to the mark we manage a couple of customer website on eHost and the Uptime and greate is great we get 99.79% of uptime and very good website loading speed thanks to the High Performance Load Balanced Servers.

Marketing Material

eHost also provide marketing materials like $100 Yahoo / Bing credit which is also provided by few other web hosting provider but some other marketing material that a couple of hosting provider provides is website authentication tools, seo tools and tips site analysis software which i personally find great for any new website.

Control Panel

eHost control panel is awesome there cPanel control panel which by the way is one of the best control panel with this control panel you can do very task quickly like anything you want is perfectly displayed in there beautiful GUI and you easily install many popular applications and plugins.

Website Builder

eHost website builder is very good and easy to learn where you can easily create slideshows image galleries and many more thing without any problem eHost website builder is built in such a way that anyone can operate this without any experience.

Ecommerce Features

eHost also provide very good features for ecommerce website they provide free online store, paypal intergration, mobile optimized and social media integration these are the most important features every ecommerce website needed if you are willing to create an ecommerce website you will need this features and best things is all these features are included in there plan.

Excellent Support

eHost provides excellent support to there customers they provide step by step tutorials, 27x7 phone, chat and email support and they have record for answering the calls within 2 minutes that's very impressive.

They also have 30 day money back gurantee.

What's Bad About eHost :-

Only One Plan

Currently eHost provides only one plan which is very good for small websites or new websites but what if you are getting thousands of visitor daily or your ecommerce store has tens of thousands of product then you will need to upgrade you plan or shift to dedicated hosting to keep your site running without offering any inconvenience to your visitors but sadly currently they don't have any upgrade plans they only focus on small websites.

Final Verdict About eHost :-

Yes we recommend eHost web hosting.If you want to start new website which can be of any kind whether it a blog or a wordpress website or your business website or even a full ecommerce store then it is recommended to try eHost.